What are your store’s days and hours?
Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm.

Just how big are your gourmet cupcakes?
SmallCakes cupcakes are quite large and depending on the frosting, toppings, and flavor, our cupcakes range from 6oz to 1/2 pound.

Do you offer online ordering and delivery?
Yes, we have a MENU tab on the home page. On the menu, you can choose the option for Pick up or delivery at check out.

Do you have a Cupcake/Coffee Drive-thru?
Yes, for your convenience, we have a large menu board and a pick up window for online order pick-ups and to just drive up and purchase cupcakes, brownies, pupcakes or coffee.

Does your drive-thru offer the same menu as the walk-in customers?
You will find many more menu items inside, but the drive-thru is great when you’re just needing cupcakes or coffee, in a hurry or wanting to avoid inclement weather.

How do I keep my cupcakes from tipping over in the car?
Clear the most level lowest surface of the car floor. Carefully lower the box onto the floor keeping it flat and level at all times. Avoid sharp turns and quick braking so as to reduce the risk of tilting, tipping, falling, or shifting.

Order large quantities ahead
: We bake 12 to 15 different cupcake varieties fresh daily to have available at our shop, but if you’d like a large quantity or a particular flavor, order a couple days ahead to ensure we have what you need for your event. Payment is required at the time of booking your reservation to secure the order.

Can I pick up on the same day I order?
Yes, you may call in and your cupcakes will be ready for pickup as ordered. For larger orders please read above comment.

Keep it Fresh: We recommend that you keep your cupcakes at room temperature. Smallcakes products are best enjoyed fresh on the day you pick up your order, but if your order is for a later date, it is important to keep your cake or cupcakes at room temperature unless otherwise instructed by our baking team. Refrigeration can cause the cake or cupcakes to dry out.

Does SmallCakes Cupcakery only serve cupcakes?
We are a Cupcakery and an Ice Creamery  and coffee bar, with our dining room closed, we are serving limited ice cream flavors. We also offer GF cupcakes and brownies daily along with really yummy cookies. Our menu includes over 200 rotating flavors of cupcakes annually and we regularly add exciting new flavors. For daily flavor offerings, please refer to the menu on our facebook or instagram @smallcakesidaho. In addition, we serve a variety of specialty coffees, espressos, and lattes with award-winning coffee- Caffee Umbria Products.

Does SmallCakes Cupcakery sell mini-cupcakes?

Yes! Our Mini cupcakes are available by pre-order in quantities of 1 dozen, 2 flavors max per dozen. The cost is 22.00 for a dozen mini cupcakes, 24.00 for GF and you may choose from any of the flavors available on the menu on the day of your order.

What are your prices:

One Signature Cupcake: 4.00
Quick Variety Dozen: $43.00 (1 of each of our daily signature flavors)
Regular Dozen: $48.00 of any Signature cupcakes of your choice

Does SmallCakes Cupcakery provide options for large orders or corporate accounts?
Yes! Please contact us at 208-377-8300 for details. We are open to creating ways to work with your business or needs.

Does SmallCakes have a mobile app?
Yes! Download the Sparkage app from the App Store or Google Play and start earning rewards with your SmallCakes purchases! While on your mobile device download from this link: http://sprk.ge and look for smallcakesidaho

How can I follow Smallcakes Cupcakery on social media?
Stay connected with SmallcakesIdaho on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Do you offer gluten-free cupcakes?
Yes, we offer chocolate and/or vanilla GF cupcakes every day in each of our stores. We also serve GF Brownies. We recommend pre-ordering GF cupcakes if you need a large quantity. Please keep in mind that we are not a Certified Gluten Free kitchen but we are Gluten conscious and do our best to keep GF separated from all Gluten ingredients and products.

What are your daily flavors?
Red Velvet – Salted Caramel – Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting – Classic Vanilla with Pink Buttercream Frosting – LemonDrop – Peanut Butter Cup – Chocolate Cream – Cookies and Cream – Carrot Cake – Wedding Cake (almond) – Boston Cream Pie – Wedding Cake. At the beginning of each month, we choose additional, special flavors for that month and add holiday flavors accordingly.

Are you hiring?
We are always on the lookout for experienced team members for our bakery, retail locations. Please email us if you are interested in a career with us or find us on indeed.com.

Do your cupcakes contain gluten or a trace amount of nuts or other allergens?
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee zero cross-contamination with gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts. On a daily basis, we may use wheat flour (which contains gluten), almonds, walnuts, pralines, pecans, peanuts or peanut butter. Even if a cupcake does not contain gluten or nuts, they still could come in contact with air-borne wheat gluten or nut particles or surfaces that have come in contact with gluten or nuts.